Evertale: Let Your Phone Chronicle Your Life

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dayhot 04:31, 05/09/2012
How long has it been since you read a fairy book last time? Well, you might as well start reading and making an unusual story with Evertales. Evertale is a 3D role-playing game for users of devices that support iOS4.0 or its later releases. Developed and published by Crescent Moon Games, the game allows players to explore while having quests and dialogs displayed as if you were reading from an ancient story book. In this game, you are to take on one of the three roles: Sir Jorgin the noble knight, Arwick the ladies man, and Taragorn the wise, old and somewhat forgetful wizard. You are to explore the forests with huge spiders and poisonous insects all around, restless waters where sunken ships can be discovered, dark and damp caves, and lots of other scenes, and to confront various monsters. Don’t rush to be disappointed when you kill a monster effortlessly for that may be just an ordinary monster, not a boss. With its splendid graphics and excellent sound effect, Evertale offers a special enjoyment though the characters’ moving directions are sort of limited and upgrade kind of easy.For more information regarding it, please check http://www.dotmmo.com/evertales-8215.html
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