Streak: Find Out if Someone Has Read Your Email

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Tom Brook 13:21, 03/26/2014
Interesting ... and creepy!
Loua 13:20, 03/26/2014
Hi I have been using streak but something odd appears to be happening. One particular friend has had her mail reported as opened when it was not possible for her to be opening it. Has her email account been compromised or is there another possibility?
Michael Murphy 17:58, 03/26/2014
Hi Loua, I haven't had this happen when using Streak, but I'm guessing that it is possible for the app to make a mistake - or someone else is opening her emails (maybe her account has been hacked?). I'd send this one to the Streak tech department for clarification. I have noticed that Streak only allows a certain number of emails to be tracked per month. After that, you have to provide the email addresses of five friends to continue using the service for free.
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