Freshbooks vs. Quickbooks

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mhdallas 10:43, 05/22/2012
I actually have both programs because we started with Freshbooks and then decided to switch to Quickbooks. However, because my husband still has issues with Quickbooks, he continues to use Freshbooks. I've tried them both and, frankly, Freshbooks is definitely easier, but Quickbooks does so much more (the PC version, that is - I've tried, hated, and cancelled the online version). We run a small business and I do the books, so I needed a program that could not only help me with the invoicing and job costing, but also help me with those all too important taxes. Quickbooks is great with this, although, yes, you do have to subscribe to the payroll department. Yes, Quickbooks is expensive, but I'm quite satisifed with the invoices, payroll, and tax-paying services that it provides. However, besides the cost, there is one MAJOR downside to Quickbooks - they have the very WORST customer support service I've ever suffered through. Obviously in India, you will have to repeat your problem continually while they transfer you multiple times until you finally get the right department. From there, I"ve pretty much had to solve my own problems because I never could find one single person who understood or could help me with my problems (and none of them were very complicated, either.) The bottom line - Quickbooks is costly and has basically NO customer support, but the PC software is a nice accounting package and the payroll feature is great. However, if you have another method of dealing with payroll and taxes, then Freshbooks would be the best program because it is indeed a lot simpler and easier to learn than Quickbooks. (and if you do use Quickbooks, stay away from the online version because it's pretty much useless, and every so-called 'customer service' person I've dealt with about it has been completely idiotic.)
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