TourWrist: Create, Upload, and Imbed Panoramic Videos

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Dan Smigrod 17:09, 11/30/2011
Hi Danny ... TourWrist is totally free. The TourWrist iOS app is free. And, it's free to host an unlimited number of 360Вє virtual tour scenes on TourWrist. TourWrist makes money providing custom apps using the TourWrist technology. Here are some examples of custom TourWrist apps ... Now through 1/1/12, TourWrist is featuring "Gather 'Round Your Troops for the Holidays" 360Вє greeting experiences. Here's an example: If you have an iPhone or Android phone and a 360Вє shooting app (, you can shoot and share a holiday greeting for your troops - free! Thank you reviewing and the TourWrist iOS app. Dan
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