Google Maps – Android vs. iPhone

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tumbleweed 08:34, 02/27/2012
Good overview but surprised you didn't declare a winner. Google Maps on iPhone is entirely useless as a tool to navigate. In addition to the points you mention, there are no verbal directions - paramount while driving. There is also no one-touch zoom control on the screen - again a pivotal tool while driving. As noted, the low level integration with Places database is a big issue - there are some major Places which simply cannot be accessed with Google Maps on iPhone. Routing with iPhone version is also bizarre. Had a destination which turned out to be two blocks away the other day. iPhone gave me three different routings, shortest of which was six minutes. All of them had me doubling back, even though you could clearly see on the map that the destination was two blocks ahead on the same street. If you're considering an iPhone, just know that the native mapping application will not function as a navigation tool.
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