Top 3 Fastest SD Cards

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raoul1219 14:06, 01/25/2012
thanks for you reply. I'll give it a try on my low end camera, and end up buying a canon sx40, a versatile camera suited to my needs and budget I guess the DIGIC 5 will benefit for speed. I do mostly HDR still shoting for the time beeing
Brad Larson 16:18, 01/24/2012
Hi, The Nikon D7000 works well with the SanDisk Extreme Pro, but so do most higher-end cameras. The card can be used with lesser cameras, but it won't perform to its fullest abilities according to various tests. Essentially, a high-end card deserves a high-end camera. I hope this helps!
raoul1219 15:33, 01/24/2012
thanks for the review. it came up first on google for "fastsest sdhc card" have you heard of the SanDisk Extreme Pro - SDHC UHS Class 1 - 600x ? they promise speed of 95 MB/s write speed in Switzerland they cost 38$ (34CHF/28€) 24.1.2012 I am asking myself wich cameras can benefit from this much speed... does anyone know ?
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