Best Laptop Keyboard for Writers

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jackie 13:21, 03/26/2014
Is this a joke? Asus and Acer make pretty decent laptops with above average keyboards with better specs than your low end Sony for about 2/3 the money. On the high-end Sony, 256G is pathetic for a laptop that cost that much. Not only is the screen small, the track pad will annoy you by picking up your palm movements while you are typing. I would think a writer would want somewhere in the 500G minimum with a larger screen size. At least you have a link for ergonomic keyboards... so thank you for that. I would recommend a Lenovo if your primary concern is the keyboard... of course you can always buy a $50 wireless keyboard and mouse and rely on those at the home and not so much on the road. I would honestly just go somewhere and test out the feel of the keyboards and then go online and find a decent deal. That's what I am left which after sifting through these forums. You should be able to find a great buy somewhere in the $600 range. Or you can buy a loaded Sony and watch movies instead. If you are interested in film/picture editing to go along with your writing endeavors, then you have to go high end, with 6-8G ram and around 1000G internal memory. I would recommend going with an intel 5 [except for film editing] because it does not run as hot and has a longer battery life typically than the i7... the other thing to consider is to stay away from windows 8 because the OS usually requires a touch screen which might get annoying after a while if you are like me and have to look at the keyboard when you write. Just thought I'd give out my thoughts. Good luck to anyone reading this.
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