Otterbox VS Lifeproof: A Comparison

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Rookie 02:58, 09/01/2014
I sell mobile phones for a living and have sold both. Hands down, the best one is the Otterbox Defender. The ONLY drawback is the advertised waterproof factor in the Lifeproof case. The defender is a big bigger, but tougher, a belt clip comes with it. It's less expensive (unless you go for the Otterbox Armour series, which is big, bulky, but the toughest case on the market and doesn't come with a clip either). A client of mine, which I sold 19 of those Lifeproof cases to, told me they are not well designed for construction. And the warranty process on them is a big, big hassle. The Otterbox, a couple of pictures sent through their website and a couple business days later, voila a new one in the mail. The only down side with the Defender, is I recommend to all my clients that work in a dusty environment to take it apart every couple of months to clean out the dust. However over all, I can't keep Otterboxes on my shelf, and I refuse to sell Lifeproof cases after that bad experience.
ViVi 11:43, 08/26/2014
I was hoping someone answered this. I work in construction and my phone in my pants pocket. I've only tried the Otterbox Defender, and it's kept my phone safe, for the most part - dust keeps leaking into the case because the silicone layer keeps getting damaged. I've gone through two Otterboxes, and I don't want to go through another one. Has anyone in construction used Lifeproof, and has it kept your phone at least 90% dust free? I think that's my biggest issue.
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