Guess What? Google Maps for iOS 5 Is Finally Here!

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henryb 10:05, 12/20/2012
I was using the MapQuest app for the iPhone and added the Google Maps app when it became available. While these apps may be the cat's meow for metropolitan areas like New York, San Francisco, L.A., etc., they're basically just entertainment value in "flyover" country. I've been trying both for locations I already know, just to see how accurate they are. NOT! I'll be told "You've arrived at your destination," when the destination is still a block or more away. I'm advised "destination is on the left," when it's actually on the right, or vice versa. The Google app voice is perkier than the Siri voice used by MapQuest, and directions are more explicit -- though mostly inaccurate. The Google app is also too slow on providing direction changes when they're fairly short, a block or so. I will have already made a turn before the turn is announced. In almost every town in the South, directions are given via Walmart -- "Well, go to Walmart and..." One would think these map apps would have Walmart locations nailed. NOT! Sometimes they will be as much as a quarter mile or more off, and will often as not have the store on the wrong side of the street. Of the two, the MapQuest app is easier to use, requiring fewer screen touches than Google Maps, and its direction updates/changes come more quickly than Google's. Bottom line, though: Based on all the inaccuracies I've encountered navigating to locations I already know, I wouldn't rely on either of these apps for getting me to someplace I don't know. I'm not putting my Garmin GPS on the shelf just yet.
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